Diabolic Diplomacy

The life of a demonic overseer is never easy. One day you're chilling in the nether dimension, the next day an enthusiastic demon escapes into the human world.

Naturally, you have to retrieve him. After all, who knows what would happen if an infectious demon was allowed to wander the streets of a  highly populated city...


[Keyboard. if you can't move, click inside the game window]

* Arrow keys/WASD to Move

* Push escape while in a mission to go back to the level select


Demons will naturally infect people on their own as long as they're within range. To progress through each level you'll have to guide them into the immovable Masked Ones that block your way, or smash generators that power barriers by running into them.

The game is over when all the portals are unlocked and a new 'friend' inhabits the nether dimension.

V. 1.1 - fixed the blurry backgrounds/ made some minor tweaks to the game world and dialog        

Published Oct 31, 2017
AuthorJeff Campbell
Made withUnity
Tagsdemons, Dystopian, Singleplayer, Top Down Adventure
Average sessionA few minutes

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