A downloadable game for Windows and Android

I felt like doing something weird, this is the end result.


You are trapped in a maze with four ghosts with various levels of intelligence. Collect all the glowy yellow balls to beat the game. Don't let the ghosts touch you.


  • Use the mouse to look around
  • Left mouse click to move forwards
  • Esc button to exit the game


The VR downloadable apk file is intended for Android devices with Google Cardboard. It behaves similarly to the original version except for a few differences:

  • Look around with the device
  • Press the cardboard button to move in whichever direction you are facing
  • Ghosts look creepier
  • There is no overhead map in this version, however:
    • Ghosts move slower, and are noisier so you know to be more cautious
    • You also have 3 lives if you run into a ghost
  • There is a button at your 'feet' which, when clicked on, will exit the game

As to how to play, I would suggest standing up and physically turning your body around. I also had some success with my office chair, just make sure you have some space.

This is an evolving project where everything is subject to change. If you have any ideas, feedback, complaints, or problems feel free to comment below and I will look into it.

Install instructions

Not Pac Man: Download, unzip, and double click the .exe file

Not Pac Man VR: Download and tap the apk file to install


Not Pack Man.zip 75 MB
VRNotPacMan1.0.apk 44 MB

Development log


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Hahaha really funny interpretation of Pacman! 

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